• Rodiawan Rodiawan Universitas Bangka Belitung
Keywords: pewter, casting, aluminum mold.


This research aims to find out how many products are produced by using an of aluminum moulsing on
pewter craft home industry in the Pangkalpinang Bangka Belitung province. The use of aluminum molds is
expected to produce the amount of products that can provide the number of economically so advantageous
craftsmen. This study describe casting process starts from preparing of aluminum molds, prepare tools and
materials for casting pewter, and do the casting process to produce a number of products without the finishing
process. Pewter mold testing consists of two , with the size of the first mould is a length of 70 mm, width 70 mm
height 10 mm and a length of 40 mm size product, a width of 40 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. While the size of
the second mold is a length of 70 mm, width 70 mm height 10 mm and 40 mm diameter sizes of products and 3
mm thick. Pewter is heated between the temperatures can flow between 235 up to 315ºC, then heating the mold
of aluminum with immersing for 15 seconds and only then will the pewter which is already liquid is poured into
a mold. After that do the cooling by dipping the mold is still hot in water for 5 seconds. After that the mold can
be opened. The casting process is repeated until it gets a maximum amount. The results showed that the product
resulting from the first mould and the second mould of 600 products and 1000 products.


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